Accept New Terms and Conditions Apple Business Manager

Verify that is allowed with the other domains and ports listed here. Also check the availability of the required Apple services. Apple is currently introducing new terms and conditions (T&C). An IT administrator must agree to these new terms when using Apple School Manager, Apple Business Manager, Apple Volume Purchase Program, and Device Enrollment Program to ensure that managed devices can continue to communicate with Microsoft Intune or another MDM provider. If you`re an administrator in Apple School Manager, sign in here: Major versions of the operating system for macOS, iOS, or tvOS may trigger updates to Apple`s software license agreement. This usually happens during revisions of important points and requires the administrator to sign in to Apple Business/School Manager and accept the new terms of use. Once accepted, communication between Addigy and Automated Device Enrollment can continue. Apple sometimes updates the license agreement for macOS, iOS, or tvOS software, often when a new version of the operating system is released. When a software license agreement is updated, an Apple School Manager administrator or an Apple Business Manager administrator must sign in to the program website to review and accept the updated terms.

If you select Setup Wizard with Modern Authentication as your authentication method and also apply a conditional access policy – Terms of Use that requires end users to accept the Azure AD Terms of Service, you must apply a conditional access policy that uses the Microsoft Intune cloud app and not the Microsoft Intune Enrollment cloud app. Otherwise, the enrollment will fail and the devices will need to be deleted to reset the enrollment. After Apple updates one of these agreements, each Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager administrator must log in to the program website to accept the new contracts. To speed up the process by which Addigy detects that the new terms and conditions have been accepted, go to Policy and open the –> integrations –> Automated device enrollment policy where you loaded your device auto-enrollment token. You should see a message similar to the following. Then tap on “Retry”. Go to and sign in with an account that has an Administrator or Device Enrollment Manager role. For more information about updates to Apple`s Terms of Service, see the support document at: However, these Terms apply until new agreements are accepted: Does anyone still see “Apple`s Terms and Conditions have been updated? The updated agreement must be accepted to synchronize the information with Apple School Manager. Review your Apple School Manager instance to accept the updated contract. After accepting the terms in Apple School Manager and performing a forced sync? If these new terms and conditions are not accepted, new device assignments or deployments will no longer work. To comply with Apple`s acceptable traffic conditions for the enrollment program, Intune imposes the following restrictions: This only applies to you if you have MDM-managed devices and you use Apple School Manager, Apple Business Manager, the Device Enrollment Program, or Apple`s Volume Purchase Program.

Managed devices can`t sync with Intune until the new Apple terms and conditions are accepted. The Intune service receives a “T_C_NOT_Signed” error from Apple. You may encounter this error or they may soon encounter the error when Apple rolls out the new terms and conditions. If no major releases have appeared recently or if updated terms have been accepted, a service interruption may occur. This can usually be attributed to a temporary interruption due to software or server upgrades. Below are links to the Apple and Addigy status pages. Following apple`s September 15 event, Apple announced that there will be new terms and conditions later today, September 16, 2020. We expect it to be around 6 p.m. BST. Hey Ben, just for your information, I received the message for Apple School Manager, but it just If you are using any of the programs listed, just log in to the appropriate URL highlighted in Apple`s support article here: Once you sign in and agree to the new terms and conditions, managed Apple devices will be able to communicate with Apple`s device management servers again.

The person completing the initial enrollment in the program also agrees to the following terms and conditions on behalf of the enrollment organization: If you are a Device Enrollment Program agent, sign in here: Are you sure that the account you are logged in with is the ABM administrator? They never appear to me, I always have to ask someone from another internal IT team to accept it for me. I only have “functional administrator rights” such as adding computers, content, and users, but I`m not an actual Apple System Status administrator account: We recently published the following message in Message Center (which you can also see in the Client Status panel of the Service Status tab in Intune). If you use Apple School Manager, Apple Business Manager, Apple Volume Purchase Program, or the Device Enrollment Program, you must agree to Apple`s new terms and conditions. If you have any questions about this change, we can try to help you or contact Apple for assistance. The option to add MDM servers is available only if you have been assigned the Device Manager role. Verify that the administrator has assigned you the Device Manager role. Also, make sure the administrator has agreed to Apple`s terms and conditions. For more information about role management and the difference between roles in ABM and other Apple deployment programs, see the Roles in ABM User Guide. Check your network connection. You can also try to restore the device that downloads the configurations again.

Once the device is restored, try enrolling it again. If you selected Enrollment without user affinity and supervised in the previous steps, you must decide whether or not to set up the devices as Apple Shared iPad for Business devices. Select Yes for shared iPad to allow multiple users to connect to a single device. Users authenticate using their managed Apple IDs and compound authentication accounts, or using a temporary session (e.B guest account). This option requires iOS/iPadOS 13.4 or later. With the shared iPad, all areas of the setup wizard are automatically ignored after activation. Before you can enroll iOS/iPadOS devices with ADE, you need an Apple ADE token (.p7m) file. This token allows Intune to synchronize information about ADE devices in your organization. Intune can also upload enrollment profiles to Apple and assign devices to those profiles. Users are informed that their devices are monitored in two ways: in both cases, the company portal is a mandatory app on the device.

When the end user accesses the Home screen, the correct application configuration policy is automatically applied to the device. Use the server name to identify the mobile device management (MDM) server. This is not the name or URL of the Microsoft Intune service. The push certificate allows Intune to enroll and manage iOS/iPadOS devices by transferring policies to enrolled mobile devices. Intune automatically syncs with Apple to access your enrollment program account. For Apple, make sure the following services are green: If you assign dynamic groups to enrollment profiles, you may experience delays in deploying apps and policies to devices after enrollment. If you set Sync with computers to Deny all, the connection is limited on iOS and iPadOS devices. The port is limited to the load.

The use of iTunes or Apple Configurator 2 is blocked. This error appears when the device cannot connect to the ABM server. Reset the device to factory settings and proceed to the Wi-Fi setup pass. Prepare the device with Apple Configurator and follow the steps to add it to ABM. . After you create the ABM profile and apply it to devices, you can select Sync Devices by going to Apple > Enrollment > Apple (ABM/ASM). During synchronization, all devices are automatically listed in the MDM console. Use the Apple Business Manager portal to create and renew your ADE (MDM server) token. This token is added to Intune and communicates between Intune and Apple. If you don`t use the VPP option, the user must provide an Apple ID to install the company portal (either during the Setup Wizard or when Intune tries to install the company portal).

. After you install your token, you can create an enrollment profile for ADE devices. A device enrollment profile defines the settings that are applied to a device group during enrollment. There is a limit of 1,000 registration profiles per ADE token. Monitoring Identity contains the identity of the organization that manages the device and is therefore unique to each organization. This identity is assigned to supervised devices during registration via ABM/ASM. The host Mac computer on which the appropriate audit identity certificate is installed is considered monitoring, and USB access to monitored devices is limited only to the monitoring Mac. Therefore, by installing the surveillance identity certificate on a Mac computer, you can authenticate and trust the device so that you can securely pair iOS/iPadOS devices enrolled with ABM with them, even if USB pairing is limited on the devices. .